For Pet Owners That CARE!!!

Walk 2 Dogs in Comfort


Walk two dogs in comfort- for you and for them. The built in swivel means no tangling of the leashes. 

  • The stretch action eliminates the sharp bone-jarring jerks associated with the non-flexible leads. You will notice improvement in control immediately with much less effort. 
  • All materials used are Marine Quality and will look nice for many years. Drag 'em through the mud and then rinse 'em off. They stay looking great! 
  • Lightweight handle with cushion grip. Quick-hook stainless steel snap. 


Super Coupler Junior _ $36.00 - $48.00

This Super Coupler Junior is ideal for the little ones.  The Super Coupler Junior is 52" and made for dogs 20 lbs. and under. It is covered with a light, high-quality, marine-grade environment-resistant rope that comes with 17 color choices. 

Xtreme Junior Leashes and Coupler

This Super Coupler Junior is ideal for the little ones. It is so much easier walking two dogs on one leash than two dogs on two leashes. A much lighter bungee cord than the Super Coupler and smaller snaps to accommodate your little pals. Very comfortable for both you and your pets. 

The Xtreme Junior models are for the little guys. Pekinese, Yorkies and all the little ones up to 20 lbs.or so. You know, the ones that like to drag you down the block. 

If you have a couple little ones please check out the Super Coupler Jr.