For Pet Owners That CARE!!!

What makes the Xtreme SECURITY Leash is the way we have uniquely incorporated of an internal high quality shock cord that allows the leash to stretch approximately 10 to 18 inches depending on your choice of leash, becoming fully extended. This Stretchability makes the leash more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog and handler than the conventional fixed length leash. 

Security Leash Handle $22

       Steel 1 inch hardware with cushion grip. They Security Handle is 15 inches long. We have heard these are     very handy for leading horses and other livestock. Also very good for walking your loved one when out in settings with other animals and need a bit more control.

                                                     Xtreme Leashes for ONE      

                          BIGGER Dogs

‚ÄčStandard Leash  $26                

Quick-hook snap, rigid lightweight handle with cushion grip. All materials used are Marine Quality and will look nice for many years. Drag 'em through the mud and then rinse 'em off. They will still look great! Lead has a 48-inch overall length and stretches 8-10 inches under full stress

                                                                                                SECURITY Leash  $40

                          This leash has Steel 1 inch hardware, with a 2 piece lead for more control. Tighter elastic section for more precise  control. The SECURITY Leash is 43 inches long.  SECURITY Leash has  the option to Short Lead your dog. Good for training purposes and street lead. Designed for large breeds, security animals and strong medium breeds

The SECURITY Leash is primarily designed for large breeds, aggressive dogs, security animals and as an aid in training. 

6 Feet Long


Standard Leash Jr.Bungee 


Standard Leash Jr.Bungee 


4 Feet Long


    Xtreme Leashes for ONE      

Little Dogs

                                                      Standard Leash Junior Bungee $17

This Xtreme Junior model is for the little guys up to 20 Lbs. or so. Pekinese, Yorkies and all the little ones that like to pull you down the block. The leash has a much lighter bungee cord and smaller snaps to accommodate the smallest of furry friends. You and your little friend will enjoy this leash a lot.                                                    This leash is 4  foot in length. A nice way to keep your dog safely close.

IF you have a couple little ones please check out our SUPER Coupler Jr.

                                                      Super Leash Junior Bungee $27

This Jr. leash is for little ones up to 20 Lbs. or so. Made of the same light material as the Standard Jr Bungee         BUT is 6 Foot in length